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2022 Officers


Summer Zifko


Vice President

Ray Ellsworth 



Joanne Mason-Trull 



Katherine Britt


Members at large:

Dan Kelly

Ben Allison

Matt Fultz

The board


Landscaping - **coordinator needed**


Yard Sale (annually in May)

Joanne Mason-Trull -704-219-9109


**volunteer needed**

Covenant and Neighborhood By-laws

Susan Heusinger


Kate Stewart - Contact


Member Recruitment - *volunteers needed*


Susan Heusinger -704-752-0861
Dan Kelly -704-609-5950



Dan Kelly -704-609-5950
JoAnne Mason-Trull -704-219-9109

Purpose and Objectives:

A. To forge and to foster a sense of community and community pride in the Shadowlake Subdivision;

B. To develop a broad base of community leadership within Shadowlake;

C. To serve as a monitoring and informing instrument for the community on matters affecting the quality of life in the Shadowlake Subdivision and surrounding areas;

D. To promote a compatible blending of structures and land use~ through community involvement in planning, zoning and other issues which may affect Shadcwlake Subdivision;

E. To promote and encourage the involvement of residents of the Shadowlake Subdivision and surrounding areas in the political processes of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County;

F. To provide a communications base for meaningful discussions on issues pertinent to Shadowlake Subdivision;

G. To establish specific goals, backed by planning, legal advice and other professional opinions in order to promote the cause of neighborhood involvement in city and county planning;

H. To provide a formal channel through which the views of Shadowlake Subdivision may be made available to interested parties; .

I. To encourage a closer association of business firms, residents and interested parties for the general welfare and progress of Shadowlake Subdivision and surrounding areas of Charlotte and Mecklenburg county;

J. To promote the development of recreational, cultural and educational programs and facilities in the Shadowlake Subdivision and surrounding areas.



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