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In the 1970s the Carolina-Caribbean Corporation began to develop the Shadowlake neighborhood in what is now known as the Carmel area of Charlotte, North Carolina. The first dozen or so houses on Quail Ridge Road were built by Carolina-Caribbean prior to their going into bankruptcy in the mid 1970's.

Ryan Homes took over the development in the late 1970's and built most of the homes in the neighborhood in the early 1980's, except for a few on Wannamaker Lane, Carpenter Drive, Ryder Avenue and several on Brigmore Drive.

At that time, Carmel Rd, as well as Pineville-Matthews Rd., were winding two lane roads. There was only one traffic light from Pineville to Matthews and that was at Providence Rd., and Quail Hollow Road had a 55 mph speed limit. Obviously, there have been some big changes!

Shadowlake is now positioned in a high growth area of many shops and offices. An excellent location for living and easy access to all the Interstates. A newly invigorated neighborhood association is in place, and the future of the neighborhood is looking brighter than ever.

Shadowlake is a large neighborhood consisting of over 410 homes. It is located in a high growth area of Southeast Charlotte, NC surrounded by prime residential real estate. Many of the new homes been built in the area are in the $600,000 to $1,500,000 price range. All the homes in the Shadowlake neighborhood are situated on large lots of at least 1/4 acre.

The pond was dedicated by deed restriction for recreational use by the homeowners of the Shadowlake Neighborhood by Carolina-Caribbean Corporation. At the pond in the neighborhood fishing by the residents is allowed but "catch and release" is encouraged. Bream, blue gill, and bass can all be caught.

The Neighborhood Association has raised funds and built a bridge over the creek next to the lake to allow for safer access, installed a fence for safety by the creek, as well as, built stairs from the road to the lake. The property on one side of the lake is maintained by residents as a recreational area.

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