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Shadowlake Business Owners

Support neighborhood small business owners by taking advantage of the services they offer.


City Services

Trash pick up, recycling, and bulk pick up.

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Local Laws

Deed restrictions in Shadowlake, overgrown lawns, curfews, etc.

Small Business Owners
small business owners in Shadowlake

Please Contact the Webmaster if you would like to list your business on this page. Shadowlake homeowners may list their information for free.


AFC Urgent Care Pineville - Dan Kelly

Art Lessons

Kate Stewart - Holt School of Fine Art (Pineville/Southend)

Real Estate Agent/Realtor & Online Business Manager

Summer Zifko (704) 620-2673

Roast 'n Relish Food blog

Kate Anderson

Senior Resource Solutions

Cindy Lynn is the founder and president of Senior Resource Solutions, Inc. SRS is an organization which provides an all-inclusive approach to protecting a family's financial resources and the invaluable assets of dignity and quality of life.  We strive to help people live as long as they can, as well as they can and in the setting of their choice.

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City Services
Trash pickup

Trash pick-up is on Wednesdays. If items are too bulky to fit in the rollout containers they will NOT be picked up by just placing them at the curb. Bulky items will be picked up only if you call the city of Charlotte by dialing 311, or you may make the arrangements on their web site by clicking here.


Limbs, brush, logs and leaves will be picked up by the City of Charlotte, if they are cut to no longer than 5 feet, weigh no more than 75 lbs. and are no larger than 4" in diameter. For more information go to the city's web site by clicking here.


Recycling can be done using the roll out containers. These green containers are only picked up every other week and are not to be used for trash, garbage or other items that are not recyclable.  For recycling information or how to receive a container click Here.

Local Laws
Local laws

Show your respect for your community by adhering to a few local laws. Thank you for taking the time to read and abide by city regulations!

Shadowlake deed restrictions

Did you know there are deed restrictions on your property in Shadowlake? Deed restrictions dictate what you may or may not do on your property and are important to know. Violations of these restrictions can cause you legal and financial trouble. Shadowlake was developed in six phases and although the restrictions are similar in each phase some differences exists. It is important to know which phase your lot is in. Maps are included to help with the identification of your property.

To view the residential lots deed restrictions (click here). This pdf file consists of 43 pages so it may take a little time to download so please have patience.

To view the recreational lots deed restrictions (click here)

charlotte housing codes

The core of a good neighborhood is the type of relationships established among its neighbors.  The first step in building a relationship is respecting those next door, down the street and around the corner.  While people have their own ideas of a good neighbor and a good neighborhood, there are some basic standards established either through the City's code and zoning laws or through common courtesies that make life better in your community. 

For city website on housing codes click here.

Overgrown lawns

Overgrown and unkempt lawns and yards make the whole neighborhood look trashy and directly affect property values.  As real estate agents show houses in our neighborhood you can bet that the prospective home buyers are looking at more than just the house being shown.  They are looking at the whole neighborhood.

Keep our neighborhood looking good. City ordinance, and common sense requires that yards are kept in reasonable condition. Grass that is allowed to grow more than 12" can be reported to the city of Charlotte, again by calling 311.  The city will contact the homeowner and request that it be cut.  If it is not cut by the homeowner, the city will come out, cut it and then charge the homeowner.  For More Information Click Here.


The storm sewers

The storm sewers, those openings in our streets flows into our lake. Please do not throw anything in there that can pollute our lake. Even things like plastic bottles, oil, anti-freeze and other items can cause irreparable harm to our lake. Please be aware and thoughtful to keep our community lake beautiful.





The goal of the curfew is to help protect young people in our community from harm.  Youth ages 15 and under and their parents need to know this so that they will not be in violation of the law.

The changes are effective December 15, 2011
Curfew Hours:
Ages 12 and under:  10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. seven days per week
Ages 13-15:   11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. seven days per week 

Youth are not in violation of the ordinance if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian or a responsible adult age 21 or over that has the parent’s permission to accompany the youth.

For more information on the curfew, including the exceptions to the ordinance, click here.



Abandoned & parked cars

Cars are deemed to be abandoned if they are parked on a city street without a registration (license) tag for more than 5 days.  There is also a city ordinance that prohibits the parking of cars in the front yards of homes. To report cars parked in front yards Click Here or you can anonymously report cars that appear to be abandoned and that are improperly parked in front yards to the city by calling 311.

Advertise on our website

Place your ad on our newly redesigned Shadowlake website. Shadowlake is a 410 home community with an active neighborhood association and a widely viewed website. For a nominal fee we will place your ad on one of our pages. Your ad will reach families that are in your area, no wasted dollars. For as little as $60 your custom ad will appear 24/7 on our site and be viewed in your local target area for an entire year.

We know that you receive multiple phone calls monthly if not weekly promoting newspaper and newsletter ads that may be published and never seen by your prospective customers. With an ad in the Shadowlake website it will be a constant reminder to 410 families in your area. For less than 17 cents a day, how can you go wrong?


Website Advertising Rates

Home Page: $80/3 months, $110.00/6 months, $180.00/12 months
Tabbed Pages: $45.00/3 months, $85.00/6 months, $150.00/12 months

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