Join us for our next General Meeting at the pond

October 20, 2022 at 7:00PM

 All residents are encouraged to attend. We will give you updates on what’s happening in our Shadowlake neighborhood and information for upcoming events. We value your input! Please bring a lawn chair and join us!

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NEIGHBORS, we need your HELP! There is an issue we are facing that will have tragic consequences for our lake unless we take immediate action. Shadowlake is currently under attack from duckweed and algae blooms, threatening to kill our fragile lake ecosystem. We have been using a chemical spray on the lake, but we need to purchase more, as you can clearly see from the photos!


For those wondering why the city won't step in... Well, Shadowlake is a privately owned lake. We all own it, so we homeowners are responsible for all maintenance. It was suggested that we hire a pond maintenance company during the previous blooms, but without any funds from the city, we are left with the responsibility.


Typically, we ask for dues at the beginning of the year. However, if you've been down to the lake recently, you will see a resurgence of duckweed and an algae bloom that needs to be addressed immediately. We've already sprayed chemicals once this year, but the lake needs another treatment.


If you haven't paid voluntary dues this year, PLEASE know we are in desperate need of everyone to contribute so we can work to implement a plan to keep our lake healthy and thriving.


FYI - Since the duckweed was introduced to our lake in the summer of 2019, we now need to budget for chemicals to control the spread. The chemicals needed range between $1500 and $2000 - every YEAR! We can’t do the necessary work unless more residents contribute dues.  


Where else do donations go?


As a voluntary organization, our funds typically go toward maintaining all of the common areas including the entrance signs, medians, Little Free Library and the Lake area.


We also have an annual Father's Day Fishing Tournament (catch and release only), an annual Neighborhood Yard Sale, and a Halloween celebration that is all funded by your donations and run by volunteers in the neighborhood. We are also looking to add other community activities in the future, now that we are able to freely gather again.


Right now, our main concern, is that without your donations, we don't have any way to purchase the necessary chemicals. Please consider paying DUES or DONATING today to help bring our lake back into good health. If we do nothing, we risk losing all the fish in the lake. Once the surface is completely covered by duckweed, it prevents the exchange of oxygen and sunlight, causing the fish to suffocate, leading to vultures eating rotting carcasses at the lake edge. Not a pretty picture. 


Please consider donating or paying dues today!


Shadowlake is a large family oriented neighborhood consisting of over 410 homes. It is located in Carmel, a high growth area of Southeast Charlotte, NC, surrounded by highly sought after residential real estate. Positioned in such a high growth area, many shops and offices are conveniently located close by. Along with this and easy access to the Interstate, Shadowlake is an excellent location for family living. With a newly invigorated neighborhood association, the future of the neighborhood is looking brighter than ever.



Please join us! Suggested dues are $50/year but you may contribute as much as you like. Thanks for being a part of the neighborhood!